Disc Tag Sample Pack

Wide selection of disc tags. Includes on-metal and standard tags

A trial disc tag pack contained a selection of the most popular ABS, PPS and PVC disc tags. The tags include NTAG213, NTAG424 and ICODE SLIX chips.

Tags are pre-encoded to with DrinkwareOS. Tags are locked. The selection of sizes and formats allows you to understand the scope of disc tags products available but we can supply a wide variety of variations.

This pack contains the following:

Stock Code Product
ST749 30mm On-Metal PVC Disc NTAG213
ST797 30mm OM PVC Printed Disc Blue
ST917 20mm PPS Disc Tag NTAG213
ST738 22mm Tough Tag NTAG213
ST765 30mm On-Metal ABS Disc NTAG213
ST854 25mm Patrol Tag White NTAG213
ST861 30mm PPS Disc
ST844 Warehouse Tag White
ST714 Industrial Tag NTAG213
ST874 Warehouse Plus Tag
ST740 16mm Ultrathin Disc ICODE SLIX
ST927 25mm Clear Disc NTAG424
ST925 30mm PVC Disc NTAG424
ST929 29mm SlimDisc NTAG424