Smart Bottle Band (NFC)


Introducing the Tap Smart Bottle Band - the perfect accessory for your water bottle!

This innovative NFC band wraps around your bottle and allows you to track your hydration, set a lost & found mode, and find the nearest refill station. With just a tap, Tap’s Smart Bottle Band logs your water intake through the Tap app. Best of all, the Tap Smart Bottle Band does not require you to purchase a new water bottle—it's compatible with all bottle brands. Features include:

  • Hydration tracking: Set daily hydration goals and easily track your water intake to ensure you're staying properly hydrated.

  • Lost & found mode: If your bottle goes missing you can get notified when it's found by anyone else.

  • Find the nearest refill station: Never worry about running out of water - the Tap Smart bottle band can help you find the nearest refill station so you can stay hydrated on the go.

With the Tap Smart Bottle Band, staying hydrated has never been easier. Upgrade your water bottle with the Tap Smart Bottle Band and experience the convenience and benefits of smart hydration.

Product best fits size 24 oz bottles and may not fit larger sizes.