Walter the Inverse Octopus (QR)


Transform any water bottle into a Smarter Water Bottle with Tap's Drinkware OS Sticker.

Each sticker contains a unique QR code for your Drinkware. Scan to activate and assign the sticker to your Drinkware of choice. We recommend one Drinkware sticker for each of your reusable bottles.  

Scanning your unique QR code will: 

  1. Log your hydration for daily and weekly goal setting

  2. Tally your total plastic bottles saved from refilling your reusable bottle

  3. Locate the nearest water refill station. There are 256,900 locations on Tap's network

Product Details:

  • Sticker Dimensions: 2.5” inches wide
  • Dishwasher safe (1 year)
  • Sticker only (no bottle is included in this sale)

Lovable Walter was born in the Reddit Community /HydroHomies. Percentage of proceeds will benefit WaterAid.